EYE to CAM | Eye-contact Webcam

This is a must-have for those in Sales, Consulting, Education, Legal, Health care, working at home, etc.

  • Maximize your charm

    Traditional webcams give "a downturned, negative impression".
    Eye-to-cam is a solution that maximizes your appeal.

  • Never blocks your view

    At only 0.6 inches small, it's not in the way, and the 0.1 inch cord is hardly visible when looking at your display. The suction pad is transparent and so blends in as well.

  • Easily adjustable

    It's essential to be able to move the camera to get good eye-contact.
    Our product is easy to adjust, you can just move and change the angle of the camera any time you like.

  • Storing is easier and more compact

    A cable hook is also included for easy storage.
    By putting it on the back of your display or on the side of your PC.
    The camera will be readily available whenever you need it.

  • High image quality

    Have a high quality image sensor chip. Outputs more high-quality video than general 1080P.
    It's high-grade streaming at 1080P, with an optimized angle of view for one person.
    The angle is optimized in such a way that you don't have to worry about an untidy room in the background!

    A viewing angle that is too wide is troublesome because it captures unnecessary things in the room.
    78 degree viewing angle ideal for single use with telework. This is the best angle for your gestures to fit in properly.

One of the
Easiest” and ”Smallest
eye-contact webcams

  • Eye-contact webcam

  • Cable from the bottom of the screen

  • Quick response to match eye movements

    03Quick response to match eye movements

  • Always nearby,easy to store

    04Always nearby,easy to store

  • 0.6 inch minicamera

    050.6 inch minicamera

  • High quality condenser mic

    06High quality condenser mic

  • 78° viewing angle

    0778° viewing angle

  • 0.1 inch ultra thin cable

    080.1 inch ultra thin cable

Quick movements to match eye contact
03 Quick movements to match eye contact
Always on standby, easy storage
04 Always on standby, easy storage
0.6 inch hyper mini camera
05 0.6 inch hyper mini camera
high quality condenser mic
06 high quality condenser mic
78° Viewing angle
07 78° Viewing angle
0.1 inch thin code
08 0.1 inch thin code
Usage image

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